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One day I moved into your eyes
Behind the glass
In back of the iris
Catching you by surprise.
And it was I who was caught
Sucked into your soul
Into the stillness
Of the eye of that hurricane!

This was no courtship!
No Lake on the Mountain!
You never said a word
Or moved –
Not a flicker of a lash.
This was not seduction!
Worse than that.

In the light waves dancing
I saw you breathe me in
With your eyes.
I saw you embrace my beingness
With the wings of your totality
As the rose breath of your heart
Moved into mine like
Thunder over the Wind.

I saw in an instant
What you had never expressed
To me or any one else.
And by allowing me to look
You taught me
The meaning of surrender.

This is a poem I wrote 30 years ago, inspired by the duration of love and the I Ching.

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  1. JaliyaNo Gravatar says:

    Adele — Your blog is developing with such beauty! 🙂 I tried the “CommentLUV” link and it doesn’t seem to work (yet?) with Blogger.

    I like how your poem equates Hexagram 32 with surrender … There is definitely an aspect of surrender to choosing constancy (I’m thinking of relationship in this context) — a choice to surrender to the kind of love that inspires devotion and responsibility …

    Jaliya’s last blog post..This one’s for Adele 🙂

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