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I had a dream almost a year ago that caused me to consult I Ching about further meaning. I still find this most interesting, both the dream and the resulting I Ching reading. I wrote in my Journal:

December 6, 2007

I dreamed that I was in the woods and I saw a deer that was giving birth. After what looked like some sort of struggle with the birth, a normal struggle, not one of pain, the deer got up and began walking around the tiny baby deer. Then the mother deer picked up the baby in her mouth and approached me with it, as a gift.

I loved this dream as I always interpret any dream with babies or birth as auspiciously good even if I have no clue at the moment of waking as to what the dream is about.

So I asked I Ching to tell me what this dream pointed to. The response I got was Hexagram 52, Keeping Still with ALL the lines changing to Hexagram 58, The Joyous Lake. I have only received a reading with all six lines changing a few times in the thirty plus years I have been consulting this great book of wisdom. So that is why I share this here. I made a brief comment about the dream in my Journal saying:

All I know, that the time of Keeping Still is moving on to experience The Joyous Lake. That, for sure, could be a birth of something new.

I would love anyone’s view of this experience of receiving all lines changing.

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8 Comments on A Dream and I Ching

  1. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting that you say that about the Tarot. I too have always found the I Ching much more accurate than the Tarot. However, more people seem to like the Tarot. I think that is because of the images. That’s one reason why I am working on adding images – which of course, have to be subjective and personal but any I Ching reading is that way.

    Thanks for commenting. I will check out your site.

  2. AngelaNo Gravatar says:

    That was a wonderful Dream you had.

    I used to consult the I Ching and I would get very accurate results, better results than I did with Tarot cards.I cannot recall turning up all changing lines though.

  3. SlilohNo Gravatar says:

    Wonderful post and interesting interpretation. Kim’s comment is very interesting too 😉

    Sliloh’s last blog post..I remember laughter

  4. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    Kim – sorry, I made a typo with your name.

    I know about Human Design through a friend of mine who is very involved with it but I know nothing about it other than that it is connected somehow with the I Ching. And I have seen that beautiful design with the Hexagram numbers going around the circle.

    What blew me away about your response was what you said about the balancing of motional security – home and making a living. I don’t see that part in the dream, but your pointing that out is right on.

    And I like your analysis of deers. I just thought, that in dream language, deer can be a dear – if you see what I mean.

    I had this dream a little over a year ago and, as is often the case with dreams, they are more understandable after some time goes by. One thing that comes to mind is that it seems to point to the posting of my on-going and very personal work with I Ching and putting it out in public. I did start that last year on Blogger. Then it got stopped while I learned, and am still learning about this self-hosted Blog on WordPress. So that can be the difficult, but “normal” birth and leading to Joy. As it was a joy to get your response.

  5. BeanNo Gravatar says:

    I love how this post is playing out. The dream and resulting I Ching reading are beautiful. I also usually equate the concept of birth with joy and new things. But, what I REALLY love is how Kim picked up the threads of the post and wove it into a tapestry with adding in the zodiac and her own experiences. Aren’t blogs just too cool sometimes? 🙂

    Bean’s last blog post..Week Four Assignment: Effective Blog Writing Examples (11/08)

  6. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    Mim – your response to my Dream and subsequent I Ching reading blew me away! I was just singing off when I saw this and will be back tomorrow.

    Thanks so much


  7. Kim GouldNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Adele,

    In Human Design,hexagram 52 and hexagram 58 are opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. I think this is very significant. It indicates that the dream is about something being birthed to will help you to bring together two parts of yourself that you have previously felt to mutually exclusive.

    Hexagram 52 is in Cancer and hexagram 58 is in Capricorn. The opposition, taking as 52 changing to 58, would suggest some issue of balancing your emotional security, especially at home (Cancer) and your ability to be out in the world building a public persona for yourself and making a living (Capricorn). Also issues about keeping still (hiding/passivity/timid), being centred and grounded.

    Deers seem to me to carry an energy of elusiveness, that they can suddenly disappear if they sense danger. They are very alert (hexagram 57), which keeps them in the moment. They are still as they engage their instinct. They move when their instinct tells them to move. Do you have Gate 57 in your design? It seems to be significant to me in this dream.

    And it has something to do with the way you share your joy with the world, and how safe you feel in experiencing your own joy. I suspect the dream represents a new project (or way of being) that will take you out in the world in a joyful way that requires you shift from a protective passive stillness to a more centred, balanced and open inner stillness. It allows you to share joy from a cup running over.

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