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Dr. Katya Walter, author of, Tao of  Chaos: fractal DNA, published in 1994 is out of print on Amazon but can still be ordered directly from her.  tao_of_chaos_walter She has published her new book, Double Bubble Universe. which she is offering for free and can be found on her site HERE

Dr. Katya Walter received an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, plus five years of post-doctoral work at the Jung Institute in Zurich.

Dr. Walter taught in colleges and universities in the United States and China for sixteen years and  has published in scientific, social, and literary analysis, African cosmology, poetry, and short fiction. Her lecture on the I Ching is featured on The Oracle of Changes computer disk by Visionary Networks, Her videos can be seen HERE

Dr. Walter has written three books, Tao of Chaos, Dream Mail, and is now her third, Double Bubble Universe.

Excerpts from Double Bubble Universe.


This series began as a single volume called Tao of Chaos. It journeyed into the place where mind and matter meet, a place where science and mysticism quit dueling and join hands to chart a deeper reality below the apparent contradictions between science and spirit. … Where is this place? It’s at the jointure between modern DNA and an ancient Chinese oracle called the I Ching. They reveal astonishing parallels that are based in a common origin.

DNA is physical; the I Ching is metaphysical. They come from cultures on opposite sides of the globe, far separated in time and space. The ancient I Ching claims to reveal universal mind, the way of the Tao. But modern DNA pragmatically codes for organic matter, the building blocks of your body and mine…indeed all life on this planet. So how can these two seemingly unrelated structures echo each other in both math and meaning? Both are fractal. You can overlay their math into the same nonlinear pattern. Weirdly, they also correspond in meaning. … One codes for living matter and the other codes for living mind? And they both spring from the same mathematical root?

… We know that somewhere mind and matter do meet. Eventually I found their secret: a shared fractal code. This code is written in tangible flesh as DNA and in philosophical meaning as the I Ching. This master code is embedded in our very bodies and brains. It creates us, matter and mind. It explains why two cultures so far apart in place and time could come upon the very same deep math and each claim it as their most prized knowledge. Seen mystically, this code charts the Tao’s watercourse way of universal mind. Viewed scientifically, it constructs the cells of your flesh. Mine. All organic life. ….

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  1. david findleyNo Gravatar says:

    hey– I know this is probably private information, but I would like to contact katya walters directly to speak with her regarding some physics theory that should substantiate her work on chaos -as preliminary- to her chaos theory.

    how can I link to her to share my thesis with her…?

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  3. KimNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Adele, I think you put me onto Katya Walters in the first place and I just landed back here on a google search. If only I could understand the science. I get it on an intuitive level, but my brain doesn’t want to go there. Obviously not necessary!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..What if it did matter? =-.

  4. Kinh DuongNo Gravatar says:

    If Dr. Katya Walter would flip her
    C = A
    A = G
    G = C
    U = U

    then her Iching DNA table would be perfect! Try this

  5. CarmellitaNo Gravatar says:

    Thank for sharing these resources with us, sounds very interesting. I really appreciate it. Thanks for being a messenger of light.
    .-= Carmellita´s last blog ..The Tao Te Ching Reveals the Conscious Creative Artist as The New Sages =-.

  6. AngelaNo Gravatar says:

    Hhmm sounds interesting. Thank you for the post beacuse I have downloaded the book for free and will have a good read of it soon.

  7. New blog post: Katya Walter, PhD Publishes New Free eBook

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