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i ching font mapI have created a new I Ching font that gives more transcribing options and characters than other fonts available. While it can be used for the traditional way of oracle notation with the 64 Hexagram lines and 8 trigrams as seen with this example of the trigrams, you can also use it for mathematical notation in string theory.


This font, unlike others, allows you to type polarized ratios and equations for:

Four  kinds of single lines

yin a single yin line

yang linea single yang line

yin change line a changing yin line

yang change line a changing yang line

Four kinds of bigrams

yin stable bigramstable yin

yang stable bigramstable yang

yin change bigramchanging yin bigram

yang change bigramchanging yang bigram

yijing_1yijing_2Also included are two glyphs for Yijing

This I Ching font can be used on any system and in any program that allows for text input.

You can order this font HERE or by clicking on the font map above.

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3 Comments on New I Ching Font

  1. Peter GienowNo Gravatar says:

    Yesterday i bought the Font via paypal, but i didnt get the font

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      I sent you a message via PayPal. I saw your order but cannot send it to you with an email address. So I refunded your money. If you can’t read my message in PayPal please send me an email to


  2. SlilohNo Gravatar says:

    I’m very impressed with your font, you are so talented! 😉


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