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Kim Gould, my guest blogger today, tells us about the Human Design System and I Ching. She uses Barack Obama’s chart data as an example. Kim Gould  has been working with the Human Design System since 2003.  Each day she pores over her various I Chings, exploring the planetary transits as they move through the Hexagrams, and writing about the evolution of consciousness on her blog at

Most people know that the I Ching is an ancient book containing precious Chinese wisdom. Some people also know that it can be used as a powerful oracle. A few others have heard that in some mysterious way the I Ching has a correlation to human DNA.

Hardly anyone knows that there is something called The Human Design System, which synthesizes the I Ching with Astrology, the Chakras and the Tree of Life. The result? The I Ching travels via your chakras right on into your energy field and into your life. It’s no longer ‘out there’ wisdom. Now it’s personal.

How does this happen? In Astrology each of the planets has a specific position at the moment you were born. Your Sun’s in Leo for example. Not just in Leo, but at a precise point, say 12 degrees Leo. In the Human Design System, each spot on the zodiac has a corresponding Hexagram.  So, if your Sun is at 12 degrees Leo, you will have Hexagram 33 in your energy field and your DNA.

Since the Sun represents something very essential about you, what does Hexagram 33 reveal? In the I Ching this is barack obama human design chartthe Gate of Retreat. It counsels us in knowing when and how to retreat in order to save our strength. We live the energy of Hexagram 33 when we maintain a dignified reserve that brings the ‘inferior people’ who are trying to interfere with us to a standstill.

The Sun in Hexagram 33 says we develop our potential talents, our power to shine, through dignified reserve and an ability to see the positive side of withdrawal. This will constitute an essential life lesson, especially for a Leo who always wants to be seen leaving the room, hand on forehead and sigh on lips.

Each hexagram also has a fixed chakra position. Hexagram 33 is in the Throat Chakra. In the Human Design System, this represents our ability to express and act. Our Leo example shines (Sun) when he doesn’t try to force his speech or actions.  If he puts himself out there at the wrong time or if he stays hidden away because he’s too afraid to go out into the world, his Sun dims and he feels unfulfilled.

Our personal Human Design shows what is connected to our Throat Chakra and what we can always act on or express. We can see the way our energy field is structured, where we are powerful, where we are vulnerable, what is firm and reliable and what is yielding and responsive.  One person is designed to be egotistical and this is natural and beneficial for them. Another person is designed to be moody and emotional. When we get the acknowledgment we can relax and be the natural embodiment of who we really are, letting go of the struggle. We develop the freedom of seeing that everyone is different and that’s exactly how life is meant to be.
Obama human design chart 2The correspondences between the I Ching and DNA are amplified in the Human Design System. This is where the I Ching becomes a powerful quantum life tool telling the evolutionary story consciousness in your life – past, present and future.

The example I’ve used is the Leonine Barack Obama. Here is his Human Design Chart. You can get your free personal chart from Love Your Design.

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    Hey Sliloh,

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    Not much, but that is my fault. So much to learn and I’m spending little time at it. Life seems to have gotten busy for me. 😉


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    Thanks Anita. Wondering, as a new I Chinger, are you getting any benefit from it?

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    Excellent article Kim and Adele! 😉


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