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Terry Starbucker’s wrote on his blog about an experience he had at the recent SOBcon conference in Chicago an article called, It’s Like Breathing. In it he asked the question of himself,

“What’s like breathing to me? What are those things that help define who I am but are yet rarely thought about, because they come so naturally?”

Terry’s article reminded me of what I wrote for a Blog Carnival, February 1st of this year on the subject of Inspiration. I began my post with the dictionary definition of the word, inspiration. One of the definitions that stood out for me was:

“The act of drawing in, especially the inhalation of air into the lungs.” And I responded with, “… the act of drawing in, is a way I think about inspiration. When I am inspired I draw that person, place or event into myself and then expel it out, like the act of breathing, involuntary and necessary for life.”

Taming porer of the smallIn my post on Inspiration I left out the obvious –  that is, creating or making art, is like breathing; natural and necessary for survival. Having consulted the I Ching for more than thirty years has also become like breathing, and is especially satisfying to create art for my views on this ancient work – pure oxygen.

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4 Comments on What’s Like Breathing to Me?

  1. summerNo Gravatar says:

    whats up 😛

    goood stuff you rote 🙂

  2. SlilohNo Gravatar says:

    I agree it is like breathing. I like the picture you included here, but then I love all your art 😉


    Sliloh’s last blog post..Patches

  3. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the comment, Terry. It was a good excuse to link to you and my older post. 🙂

    Adele’s last blog post..What’s Like Breathing to Me?

  4. Adele,thanks for the link! And I’m happy to have provided you with a connection to one of your prior posts, and ultimately to what’s “breathing” to you. Much happiness and joy,


    Terry Starbucker’s last blog post..If You Build It, It (the Profits) Will Come

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