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Being a Beatles fan I couldn’t resist posting this link from the Blog, The Sixties. The blog lists “The 20 Greatest Beatles Songs,” where it mentions how George Harrison used the I Ching as his starting point for his song, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

Clapton guests on Harrison’s post Rishikesh retort to band members.
Chris Difford:

“When I first put the White Album on, the 
song that really stood out for me was this one. Because of the 
emotion in the lyric and in the musicianship, that emotional build to 
it, it touched a chord. It’s quite an unusual chorus, if it is a 
chorus ­ a rock anthem in a classical sense, especially the way it 
ends up with those solos, but I think it would sound brilliant on an 
acoustic guitar, because it could be a lullaby love song.

“It wasn’t until five years ago when I went to the George Harrison 
memorial concert at the Albert Hall that I revisited the song and 
took on board the whole concept of it. George was the one who came 
back from India with the spiritual awakening and carried it through 
to the rest of his life, whereas the others came back with the 
postcards. The lyric was arrived at by using the I Ching; he opened a 
random book and the first phrase he picked out was, ‘gently weeps’; 
so he based it around that. Apparently, there was another verse to 
the song that was edited out which George poignantly wrote about Paul 
and John, and how he thought they should get their heads banged together!”

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