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chinese coinWell the I Ching is “The Book of Changes” so here goes.

I am in the process of doing some Fall cleaning on this I Ching Blog. I am inspired to do this by none other than Fairy Godmother,  Lorelle Von Fossen, author of and editor-in-cheif and community manger of

Lorelle has been a guest instructor for Bean Fairbank’s “Blogging for Fun Fame and Fortune” class at I can’t say enough about LVS or Bean or Lorelle.

Lorelle tells me that my Blog would have better organization if I changed the Hexagrams to static Pages rather than Posts. In this way they will be formatted more like a book. My eventual goal is to publish the eventual 64 Hexagrams as a book so this makes sense.

By changing my Hexagrams from Posts to Pages there will be two other benefits. Each Hexagram will be in one long document which makes better viewing, giving a more story-like look and read.

The other advantage is that the Hexagrams will be separate from the Posts. This way I can be more personal and include some of my own readings and thinking behind my creative process for this I Ching work.

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  1. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    It sounds like we were mixed up doing the opposite things we should have been doing. Eventually I am going to be happy with these changes. I like the format of all images and lines for each Hexagram in one place. And now I can be free to post more of my separate personal issues about the I Ching as I work with it.

  2. Amy JewellNo Gravatar says:

    Wow. That looks like a huge project! Good luck with that. I had similar difficulties on my site. I used WordPress to create it and created “pages” for each topic. Works great, except that then you can’t really add “posts” for each article… ah well!
    .-= Amy Jewell´s last blog ..Tarot Resources =-.

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