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A Personal Synchronicity

Yesterday I posted a video by Richard C Hoagland about the findings of Hexagon shapes on the North Pole of Saturn. I signed off wondering what other people think about this discovery, especially if they had any ideas in connection to I Ching. So far I am not eliciting any speculation or interest in this subject. However, the idea of Hexagons which are mathematical measurements found in gases on Saturn is a mind bending concept for me to contemplate.

Adele Hexagon picture 1Another perplexing idea is now sitting in my head. If you listened to the tape on yesterday’s post, you will hear where Hoagland is talking about the power, significance and mystery of 19.5 degrees. He explains that on every planet in our solar system a major disturbance occurs 19.5 degrees north or south of its equator.

The video also discusses how this number 19.5 in the bible symbolizes faith, grace and hope. I don’t know where that is but will take his word for it.

The number of 19 degrees struck a cord with me. My birth day is 19 degrees Leo. I looked up my astrological birth chart in several places and got several different but very close answers. One chart reading said that it was 19.39 degrees, another 19.34 and another 19.5. Bingo! I wasn’t born at 19.5 degrees north or south of the equator. But I was born at 19.5 degrees within the sign of Leo. So what? You might ask. I’m just saying that is a synchronicity for me. I have no clue if it has meaning. The more I delve into this subject the more I am pulled in. HELP!

Adele hexagonAnd yet another note about Hexagons, me and the I Ching. Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows how deeply involved I am with the I Ching over a very long period of time. In 2003 I did a portrait of myself embedded in Hexagons.  No wonder I found this information so fascinating. Am I living in some kind of Hexagon vortex?

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  1. LynnNo Gravatar says:

    I have an infant memory of laying in my crib at night, trying to get to sleep. I would stare straight at the dark ceiling, my eyes fixated on the dark area above me. Suddenly, a sort of round area would form, filled with dozens of hexagons, which would start rotating in a clock-wise fashion. I remember it as being very soothing, almost mesmerizing, and I would soon drift off to sleep. I’ve often wondered if there was any significance to the hexagonal shape… Does this mean I am an alien hybrid?

    • AdeleNo Gravatar says:

      That’s an interesting and amazing memory. There must be significance to your experience. Maybe you were an infant genius with past life memories of the I Ching. 🙂

  2. This posting is great and that fantastic research you done. offers assisted me a. many thanks very much.

  3. DemitraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Adele..

    Are you aware that Mars in its transit is presently conjuncting your Sun at 19 degrees of Leo? 🙂 Perhaps the synchronicity you are intuiting arises from this fact. By the way, Mars will continue to transit the sign of Leo till early June of next year due to an unusually long retrograde motion. Might it be that your attention is being drawn to the effects that Mars is having on you at this time?? Just a thought…hope this little bit of insight is helpful.

    • AdeleNo Gravatar says:

      Hello Demitra,

      Thanks so much for your insightful and helpful comment. No, I wasn’t aware that Mars is now 19 degrees Leo. Another synchronicity regarding my being drawn into this subject at the moment. Yes, how could I not think that Mars conjunct my sun would have some effects. I also wonder if that has to do with my getting so sick at the beginning of the month. Better now, but it was a purging of a sort – not something I wanted but it happened!

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