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Hexagram 11 old images

When I began this I Ching Meditations blog I wrote a Page about my art process and changes in creating the images over many years. I explained why I was re-working these illustrations that I had previously created for Hexagrams one through sixteen. I found that I had to re-create my images if I wanted to publish them on paper.

As I explained in this history of creating these images that as a lot of time had passed since my original posting on my web page and so the technology changed and now my medium and style is radically different. However, as I re-read what I had written for those older images, those original words still feel right to me so while the illustrations are new I have only made the most tiny of edits in the text from my original work.

I decided to Post here the original images for comparison should you be interested in that evolution. When I created this earlier version, as I meditated on what Hexagram Eleven meant to me, I relied primarily on the Wilhelm translation with a few others as adjuncts for help in the process.

To my knowledge Stephen Karcher’s work on the I Ching had not been published in the 1970’s or 1980’s. The image that came to my meditating imagination was that of the process of a flower developing, blooming and then falling apart.

As I began work on the images for the new digital edition posted here on this blog, I went back and checked what Karcher had to say about Hexagram Eleven to see if I needed to edit my text. After all these years I am open to a new perspective and find Karcher’s interpretation often quite different from Wilhelm’s but not different in general meaning. They complement each other, is how I experience reading the two in comparison.

In Karcher’s interpretation for Hexagram Eleven he doesn’t call it, “Peace,” but rather, “Pervading / Great Rituals.

Because Hexagram Ten, speaks about “Treading upon the tail of the tiger” I used the image of a tiger though out the six lines. For Hexagram Eleven, Wilhelm says, “Heaven and earth are in contact and combine their influences, producing  time of universal flowering and prosperity.” In these early black and white drawings for Hexagram Eleven I used the image of a lily in different stages of bloom. In my newer illustrations I include figures along with the images of nature and so in Hexagram Eleven I used the image of a tiger lily, orange with spots, carrying over the tiger theme.

You can see my new rendition of Hexagram 11, Peace posted as a Page HERE.

I would enjoy comments about the two sets.

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2 Comments on Notes on the development of Hexagram 11, Peace

  1. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    Jaliya – Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, that earlier work sure is different from what I am doing now. Times change, I age, the medium changes. The early black and white drawings were done before the computer and at a time when printing in color was expensive and I wanted to print. I love all media, however.

    I love the images you post on your blog.

    .-= Adele´s last blog ..New page for Hexagram 12, Standstill =-.

  2. JaliyaNo Gravatar says:

    Adele … To look at the two versions of each hexagram that you’ve created is like seeing two facets of the same soul … I love the subtlety and delicacy of your earlier work … It stands in beautiful contrast with the “out-there” vibrancy of what you’re creating now!

    It’s amazing how our understanding of, and relation with, the oracle deepens over the years … I’m finding that now there’s an instinctive and intuitive quickness to my readings … I have finally gotten much of my small self out of the way (so to speak) when I read … It’s as if I now hear the universal voice of wisdom making instant connections — very lucid, succinct, and often with a winking wit 😉

    The most recent post on my blog (it’s referenced here, below) is an example of that — the words that I wrote in bold type just came through me as I typed.

    I’m going to peruse your images and thoughts for Hexagram 12 now … It’s one of those hexagrams that deeply resonates … !

    Hoping all’s well with you xoxo
    .-= Jaliya´s last blog ..WOW, WOW, WOW (Hexagram 28) =-.

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