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I have created a Free PDF I Ching Record Book for keeping a record of I Ching questions and responses. You can find it in my Resource section of Special Places on the right.

The I Ching Record Book Includes:

  • A page for each of the 64 hexagrams to record your I Ching responses from the questions asked. By being able to print out pages as you need them you can easily add as many for the same hexagram as is necessary.
  • Work Sheet for I Ching Questions.I Ching record book
  • Interactive color chart for identifying hexagrams.
  • Black and white chart for identifying hexagrams – not interactive.
  • I Ching circular chart that can also be ordered as a large poster.
  • Chart listing all hexagrams to check off the name and date of an I Ching response.
  • Black and white chart with Chinese characters.
  • Two I Ching font charts.
  • Suggestions for how to ask the I Ching a question.
  • Suggestions for questions you might ask.
  • Instructions for the coin method of asking a question.
  • Included, by permission, the appendix from Dr. Katya Walter’s e-book, Double Bubble Universe. This chapter shows an example of her experience asking the I Ching a question as well as another method of asking a question as an alternative to using either the coins or yarrow sticks.

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  1. I purchased a book on I Ching many years ago. I never learned how to use it. I heard you speak on Coast to Coast with your offer of your free book, making I Ching easy to understand.I am a senior, and I only use e-mail. (thank goodness for that)If it is not too much trouble to send it that way. I would appreciate that very much.If you cannot do it that way, I will understand.

    Thank You,

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