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This card based on four I Ching hexagrams, is appropriate for any holiday or occasion. It might be used for a birthday, well wishes, friendship or just saying hello. It is not necessary to be familiar with the I Ching to appreciate its message of Peace, Inner Truth, Friendship and Riches.

This I Ching card has a full color print for the Hexagram Peace on the front. The inside two pages contain the Hexagrams for Inner Truth, Friendship and Riches. The card is designed so that when you turn the card over Hexagram 13, Friendship turns into Hexagram 14, Possession in Great Measure or Riches. As I Ching people know, when you turn the hexagram of Inner Truth over you still have Inner Truth.

The card contains the images of the I Ching lines, the Chinese character as well as text in English for each Hexagram. The colors used are those that are defined by the trigrams contained in each hexagram. The background of each hexagram uses a tint of the trigram colors in a gradient blend of both colors.

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