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I Ching Prescriptions coverMy new book, I Ching Prescriptions, is now available on Amazon.

An excerpt from the Introduction in the book:

What are I Ching Prescriptions?

The I Ching Prescriptions are a different way of working with the I Ching. Many people wonder how could anyone take seriously an answer to a question arrived at by tossing coins. For this reason they decide that the I Ching is not for them. You don’t have to believe in synchronicity. You don’t have to take the time to understand the poetic symbolic language of the I Ching. When people dismiss the I Ching because it relies on random chance they miss out on the philosophy embedded within it. A philosophy, based on nature that has survived for thousands of years has a message worth pondering.

I wrote this book for people who are not drawn to the more complex translations that often require one to read the responses like one would a dream. Not everyone responds to symbolic language. I wanted to make the Prescriptions direct and easy to use, just like taking a pill might be. I don’t know how an aspirin works. I just know that it does. This does not mean I do not appreciate all the other I Ching interpretations. I get benefit from them. I love symbols, poetry and symbolic language. If I didn’t I would not have been consulting the I Ching for so many years.

Choose Your Changes

When consulting the I Ching as a prescription, instead of asking a question in the traditional coin throwing approach, decide what issue in your life that you either want to deal with or are now involved in.

  • Pick your prescription. Decide what prescription you need. Look up the prescription distillation in this book, read it and see how the advice applies to your life.
  • Each I Ching prescription has seven parts to it; the general meaning at the top and the six phases written from the bottom up. These lines are written on top of the image of a tinted color of the trigrams that create the hexagram.
  • There are seven paragraphs of counsel for each hexagram prescription that can be used — one for each day of the week. Focus on or meditate on the prescription you have chosen. Keep a record over the next seven days as you follow each step. Write down what happens for you in the process.


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4 Comments on I Ching Prescriptions: Choosing Change

  1. Thomas HoodNo Gravatar says:

    I appreciate how a prescription should be guided by objective features rather than chance. If one has a headache (the symptom), one might need a headache prescription. But if one has a broken heart how does one find the best I Ching prescription for it?

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      That’s an interesting question. I have long noted that the I Ching rarely talks about emotions although both love and envy are mentioned. Basically the I Ching is about situations and two people can experience very different emotions in the same situation. Perhaps your situation is how to deal with “splitting Apart.” Synchronistically, yesterday I was thinking about posting a sample page and use hexagram 23, Splitting Apart. I then thought, why that one? I’ll see what I can do.
      Adele Aldridge´s last blog post ..I Ching Prescriptions- Choosing Change

  2. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Thomas,

    Yes, I think that is a good way to put it. I hadn’t thought to use that logical word, sympton but it sure fits.

    Thank you for commenting.


  3. Thomas HoodNo Gravatar says:

    Please, how is the issue connected to the prescription? Do symptoms of the issue guide one to a prescription?

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