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I have been posting my paintings inspired by the Chinese characters for the hexagrams in their numerological order up to number 15, Modesty. A few days ago I was working on the hexagram for Fire over Fire. During this time we were experiencing an extreme heat wave in most parts of this country. The temperature reached 103 degrees while I was in the midst of this painting so I decided it would be appropriate too skip ahead and post that painting now.

image for hexagram 30 Chinese character painting

While working on this painting of a doubled Fire I was reminded of the question Trish MacGregor of SynchroSecrets asked me on a previous post. What were my thoughts regarding the I Ching  about the  date 12.21.12?  She said that she found the I Ching guarded about the subject. I wonder how she framed the question and what response did she get?

I can never resist consulting the I Ching even if it may seem silly or impossible to get any kind of sensible answer. So at the time I did ask the I Ching, “What is the significance for the date December 21, 2012?” I was reluctant to post my response because the answer I got was just so obvious and simple. Then when I decided to post this painting I was reminded of the answer I received because it shows again how often when I ask a question of the I Ching I get back something obvious while I am hoping for some kind of revelation. While the answer I obtained on May 24th by throwing the coins for, “What is the significance for the date December 21, 2012?” says just what the day is about literally, the response once again reinforces in my mind how awesome the I Ching is in terms of synchronicity.

Lines for hexagram 30 and 41The response I received by throwing the coins was hexagram 30, The Clinging Fire, with 3 lines changing to hexagram 41, Decrease. There are many symbolic meanings associated with The Clinging Fire. I was just asking about the day, not a personal question about a relationship. Wilhelm says about hexagram 30, “Each of the trigrams represents the sun in the course of a day. The two together represent the repeated movement of the sun, the function of light with respect to time.”

Well, of course, the 21st of December is the winter solstice when the light is the least during any day of the year. The light is in its most decrease. So there we have the literal answer. This prompted me then to ask a more personal question. When the day comes I’ll see if the response I got makes sense and post it. Meanwhile, if anyone else wants to contribute to this discussion please do. I note that the 3 lines that change are also meaningful in a more personal way of counsel which are applicable to everyone. You can find the Wilhelm interpretation HERE.

When I wrote my book, I Ching Prescriptions, I researched a number of interpretations from the various versions available. So ever since then when I consult the I Ching I often check what I wrote as a prescription for the hexagram and usually find my own synthesis for the particular hexagram to be the most appropriate. That makes sense because I spent so much time musing on so many versions that what I came up with still works best for me. I particularly enjoyed what I wrote for the 3rd line that changed,

“In the  light of the setting sun don’t get stuck in the past. Don’t piss and moan and feel sorry for yourself when things don’t go the way you want. Everything is temporary and transitory. Enjoy life while you can Live in the moment.”

That advice is good for me any day of the year.

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  1. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    Love the painting- and what a great response from the ching. Perfect. I can’t remember how I phrased my question!

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