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Several months ago I read a new book published by Princeton University Press and was intending to write a review. I’ve been busy working on my images for my own book, I Ching Meditations, Volume 1, to be published soon. I never found time to do the review and just found a review for this book on the website, The Useless Tree: Ancient Chinese Thought in Modern American Life. I am posting the first paragraph of Sam Crane’s review. Go to his page for the full review.

The I Ching: A Biography reviewed by Sam Crane

Read a good book recently: Richard J. Smith’s The I Ching: A Biography.  Composed by an accomplished academic, it is written for a general audience.  Smith provides a concise and clear background to the text and how it emerged into “classic” status in China.  He goes into some of the numerology that various Chinese commentators have applied to the text, and he shows how the book’s influence spread throughout East Asia and, eventually, to the West.  I had known that John Cage used it in some of his music, but had been unaware of I Ching‘s significance in Mexico.  Interesting stuff.

…. read more of the review HERE.

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2 Comments on “The I Ching: a Biography” a review by Sam Crane

  1. trishNo Gravatar says:

    What’s the ching say about tonight’s VP debate??

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      I didn’t ask the I Ching anything about the debate. I don’t consult the I Ching about political issues. And even if I did, what kind of question would I ask for 2 people going at it like Biden and Ryan? I don’t think the I Ching is a fortuneteller but a vehicle for self-knowledge. Don’t you think? It sure works for me when I need counsel on how to deal with my own personal situations. Being a symbolic vehicle, I find I Ching helpful for adding more insight into dreams. Have you tried that?

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