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Adele Aldridge has been obsessed with the I Ching for decades. She has produced a variety of artistic works based on it but I Ching Meditations is her lifetime masterpiece. Only passion and deep respect for the I Ching could result in this and her related works. Her art is bold and intricately rendered with the colors and symbols in the hexagrams’ meanings abased on nature and social life. Adele interprets and illustrates the lines with her own insights and wisdom. The figures, mostly female, include animals and plant life in full glory. I highly recommend acquiring the print version as only then will you be able to ponder and work with the pages as they are meant to be.

I also highly recommend her I Ching Prescriptions, which is ingenious in its use of color shadings to make points. It also enables a user to ask a question related to a problem and choose a remedy. It worked very well for me. Her understanding and insights are mind-boggling. By the way, it has a specific section on working with health issues. Finally for those of you who want a neat place to record your engagement with the I Ching, get her Record Book.

A word about me: I am a psychologically oriented writer (of 9 books) and longtime independent Jung scholar. I have used the Wilhelm version of the I Ching for decades for birthdays, solstices & equinoxes, and problems as they come up. I will now consult Adele’s works as I make my path in life as her understanding and insights are mind-boggling.

Valerie Harms



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