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I am so happy to report that Trish MacGregor from the blog, SynchroSecrets posted this review for I Ching Meditations on Amazon.

I’ve used the I Ching for decades and invariably get tripped up somewhere by the arcane references to life in China 5,000 years ago. Adele Aldridge’s I Ching Meditations integrates the wisdom of the I Ching into 21st century life. She has illustrated each changing line of each of the first 16 hexagrams and her interpretations are spot on. Volume 1 of this book is ideal for every level of I Ching expertise. I’m looking forward to Volume 2!

Check out Trish and Rob MacGregors’s page with their daily posts and where you can find links to their many books. They write books about dreams, astrology, the tarot, the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, yoga, and synchronicity.  Trish is also an astrologer.  Rob wrote the seven Indiana Jones novels for Lucas Films. You can read more about their many accomplishments and books on SynchroSecrets.

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