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On July 26 two Leo luminaries were born. Carl Jung, the  man who coined the word, Synchronicity as he wrote about the I Ching in the Foreword for the Wilhelm Princeton University Press edition was born in Switzerland on July 26, 1875. That is 138 years ago. And on the same day, 70 years ago, Mick Jagger was born in England. Where would I be without Carl Jung and the I Ching? And while probably a large percentage of those people who consult the I Ching know who Carl Jung is, probably more people know who Mick Jagger is. Between them they span not only many years but a big range of talents. In celebration of the two seemingly opposite kinds of people I have included here a video for each.

The video of Carl jung was made in 1959 when Jung was near the end of his life at age 84. The Mick Jagger video is an early version of his well known, Can’t Get No Satisfaction.

I love them both

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