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I had another I Ching Prescription that was unusual in that once again all the lines changed. I don’t think that the event of Progress changing to a period of Waiting is so unusual it itself but throwing coins when all lines change is statistically a rare event. Since my book, I Ching Prescriptions is based on consulting the I Ching in this way I decided to about post it. I would love know if any readers ever get all changing lines and if so, please tell us about the event here.

In my particular case here, I keep complaining about struggling with the aftermath of having made a big move from one state to another. I feel very slow in getting back to my real on going work with creating more images. The reading of Progress with all moving lines that changes to Waiting feels to me just like what has been happening. I make some progress and then I have to wait for the next burst of energy or inspiration.

I have not yet created hexagram 35 for I Ching Meditations, but do have it for hexagram 5, Waiting – here.

Hexagram 35 Chinese character

 Hexagram 35 Prescription

Hexagram 05 character paintingHexagram 05 Prescription

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  1. dougNo Gravatar says:

    this is breath taking

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