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I begin with another complaint about how it has has been taking me too long to get back to focusing on my “real” work on I Ching Meditations. While I am unpacked and settled in, after upgrading one of my software programs I ran into problems. Dealing with tech support makes me crazy. I had to contact two different companies and while these support people are all “nice,” they do the support via email and this back and forth with files and text messages takes forever. I have had support from other companies at times when they go into my files from their computer and solve the whole thing in a few minutes. And in this case a phone call would have saved days.

After making a lot of screen shots and back and forth emails, I  got an answer that required me to go into all my files, move things around and generally focus on a tedious process that I resist like crazy. After a lot of resistance I set aside a bulk of time to deal with the problem and then, while finally facing my computer screen to tackle the problem, I fell into deep resistance once again.

I have a desk top mini program simply called, I Ching, created by Giacomo Tufano which I wrote about previously.

I consult I Ching every morning, asking what my prescription is for the day. I like to do this with coins and write it on my daily appointment calendar. I tend to use Tufano’s program when I am frustrated by something and happen to be sitting in front of my computer. It’s free and easy and sitting right here. I was all set to delve into my files that needed to be cleaned up – not that I really understood what I was doing but had to start. I don’t know if any one else gets into these resistant issues like this. I know I have to do something and just don’t feel like it. The one thing that comes to mind that I can compare this resistance to is when I want to swim, am stepping into the water and it feels cold. I know that I will warm up once I start to swim, but taking the plunge is something I put off. As I am standing in the water I am fully aware how ridiculous this is because I do love to swim. And I know I will eventually warm up. I just hate being in cold water. That expression, “taking the plunge” applies to the task I was facing and dreading.

So . . . in my avoidance mode, standing in the cold water, I sighed – a deep sigh – and decided to consult the Tufano I Ching because it just sits there on my desktop, is easy to use and truth is, was another way to not “take the plunge.” My words to myself as I clicked on Tufano’s I Ching program, along with my deep sigh were, Help me do this!

I knew that by going to my desktop I Ching that I was just prolonging my agony and resistance even more. The response I got from the desktop app prompted me to tell of this experience here. The response was hexagram 45, Gathering Together, changing to #31, Influence. See the screen shot below.

I Ching by Tufano

Tufano’s 3rd line:

“The third SIX, divided, shows its subject striving after union and seeming to sigh, yet no where finding any advantage. If he go forward, he will not err, though there may be some small cause for regret.”

This made me laugh out loud. “Sighing,” the key word of my truth.

I checked Wilhem’s interpretation. Here. His third line also talks about sighs which is probably where Tufano got it from.

Gathering together amid sighs. Nothing that would further. Going is without blame. Slight humiliation.”

Then I looked up what I wrote for my I Ching Prescriptions for that third line of hexagram 45. I wrote that when fist joining a group I may feel like an outsider and that I won’t belong. I should align myself with the leader of the group. Well that’s true as well. I feel very much like an outsider trying to fix technical program issues. And going to tech support is my effort to align and solve the problem.

Chinese Character painting for hexagram 45,

image for I Ching Prescription, hexagram 45


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6 Comments on Synchronicity Using Several I Ching Interpretations

  1. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    oh, well, 5,000 year old oracle…nothing like eliminating the essenstials, right?
    Trish´s last blog post ..SQUIRREL!

  2. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    Sometimes, I am honestly reluctant – no, terrified- to consult the ching. How this 5,000 year can affect me that way is sort of scary.

  3. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    And, PS, your interpretations are fantastic.
    Trish´s last blog post ..UFOs Over Jupiter?

  4. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    I am laughing as I read this. You and I are much alike in the way we work with the Ching. Oops, need more info. Oh, wait, what does this text say, this interp? So often, the right interp is our own. A kind of, OK, I get it moment.

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for your comment Trish. On the subject of viewing other interpretations, I think that is the best way to really learn about the I Ching and one’s self. Recently a relatively new user to the I Ching asked me if she could ask more than one question. I had to laugh, thinking of myself on this. Ask away, I say. It’s free and causes no harm to anyone.
      Adele Aldridge´s last blog post ..Synchronicity Using Several I Ching Interpretations

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