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I am in the habit of consulting the I Ching every morning get my I Ching Prescription for the day. Yesterday I received hexagram 28, Preponderance of the Great with all lines changing to hexagram 27, Providing Nourishment. To get all changing lines is an event in itself with the probability of that happening being rare.

Hexagram 28

Hexagram 27Hexagram 28, Lake over Wind & Wood and is about structure being overloaded. Wilhelm says:

“The weight of the great is excessive. The load is too heavy for the strength of the supports. The ridgepole on which the whole roof rests, sags to the breaking point, because its supporting ends are too weak for the load they  bear.  . .”

In my own Prescription I warn, “You are in over your head. . .”

I am constantly feeling over loaded which is a situation I have no one to blame but myself. Like many of my I Ching readings, or dreams, I often find the meaning after I let it sink in during the day. In this case, aside from the fact that I was impressed with the fact that all six lines changed, I didn’t think of anything specific. I was happy to see that I would be able to enjoy Providing Nourishment after moving through the entire hexagram.

What transpired for the day? I had just installed a new rendering plug-in for one of my graphic programs. I had watched the demo and couldn’t wait to try it. I went through all the instructions to get it to work and proceeded to test it out with an image. The demo promised all kinds of magic and I was eager. Without going into minute by minute details, my day was consumed by things not working. The render not only took hours and was never finished, it locked up all my other programs that I had to force quit. I wasn’t thinking about hexagram 28 as I was tearing my hair out and frustrated. Then, by chance later in the day a person I barely know stopped by. I was at my computer and lamented about my problem. He immediately pinpointed what the problem was. Apparently the rendering plugin needs a huge amount of memory and was slowed down because of the over load on my system. Overload! Get it! And my system, I thought, had plenty of memory. So I gave up and went to the kitchen and baked myself a peach and almond cobbler. Providing nourishment. I also feel that if I post about this I Ching sequence of events I will be providing some nourishment to this blog.

I sure would love to know if/when other people get all changing lines.

hexagram 28 I Ching Prescription


hexagram 27_Prescription

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