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Trish and Rob MacGregor have a new book, The Synchronicity Highway – Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal, & Alien Contact.

Full disclosure before I continue with a review of this book: I am included in three episodes in their book that are some my experiences with the various forms of synchronicity the MacGregors’ were researching at the time. Since the I Ching is the original synchronicity machine and my life’s work, I am drawn to the MacGregor’s blog, Synchro Secrets to see their latest exploration or experience of the subject. The MacGregors are both prolific writers and also manage to post something of interest every day on their blog.

The title of this new book is appropriate. Reading the book was like taking a journey on a highway that had along the way all the sign posts for the many varieties of synchronicity humans experience. I have experienced synchronicity through dreams, the I Ching and so called normal life events. I did not realize that the paranormal, alien abduction and visits from the dead were also included under the umbrella of synchronicity. Reading the book is like taking a trip with a well drawn map of the various territories you may experience.

What I particularly enjoy about the MacGregor’s writing on these subjects is that they give you a lot of historical background. For example they write about about the interest of this subject for Pauli and Jung, Uri Geller, the research being done at Princeton University and more. They combine this background information with very specific experience of other people.

The part that I have the most trouble with is the chapter on abductions and UFO’s – not because I don’t believe what they are writing – stories told to them – but because I have never experienced such events myself, nor have I known anyone who has.

Since I have had a number of precognitive dreams where I experienced an event several years before the event happened and I had no idea or way of knowing that the dream would become actual, when I have told my experience to others, in many cases, I was viewed as rationalizing an event in my mind. I have been told in a derisive way that this is simply “magical thinking.” I.e. My experience was not believed by some people. My feeling response to such people is that no one can take away my experience. What other people think of my experience does not dissuade me from the validity of what happened.

At the same time, I am not a “true believer.” If someone would tell me about their alien abduction experience I would love to know about it even though I have not had that experience myself. But until I do have such an experience that sounds very unbelievable, I hold my judgement.

The many varieties of synchronicities explored in this book whether about animals, love, spirits, telepathy, psychokineis, precognition, clairvoyance or remote viewing are all interesting.

Take a trip. Read Trish and Rob MacGregor book, The Synchronicity Highway – Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal, & Alien Contact.

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