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Mercury is now moving forward, and with a new moon in Pisces it is time for something new here.

Announcement: While working on I Ching Meditations I have been painting images inspired by the Chinese characters. During the past two years I have created a painting for each trigram and one for each hexagram, some of which have been posted here.

I spend so much time working with images in digital format ever since the Macintosh was born on January 24, 1984 that I had a craving to create something in living paint. Creating art on the computer has been a blessing and also a deterrent to working in other media. I am a media Dona Juana who is seduced by all mediums. However, there is only so much time in the day and this seduction prevents commitment to any one project. Every once in a while I feel an urge to work with something tactile; something I create with paint. The feeling is a kin to being hungry or thirsty when I need food or water. I found that the process of using paint on canvas and creating digital art feed each other. While the paintings would look wonderful hung all together I don’t have the space to hang all 72 Chinese character paintings.

This is my plan to show the work for the Paintings: I published I Ching Prescriptions in 2011. I am in the production stage with a new book, I Ching Inspirations: Paintings and Prescriptions. This will include all the material from I Ching Prescriptions and the scanned paintings that were inspired by the Chinese characters for the hexagrams. The book will be published in print, eBook and also available in an interactive PDF format. I’m also working on hexagram 18 for I Ching Meditations, which takes me more time to create. So meanwhile, I plan to post here, in sequence, all pages for the I Ching Inspirations book. Some of these images have been posted previously but not in any particular order.

The image below is in I Ching Prescriptions and was posted here previously when I wrote about it about being included in a math book published by Princeton University Press. (Here.) The image is also available as a poster. This image will be the first in the new book. Stay tuned for all of the new I Ching Inspirations to follow at a much faster pace than I have been able to post for I Ching Meditations.

Chart of I Ching Hexagrams in circular arrangement

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