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Suppose you are dealing with a situation where you feel that you are at a standstill. Look up hexagram number 12, Standstill. Read over all the lines which I have called phases. Notice that if you had cast the coins and actually received the hexagram for Standstill and had all the lines changed this would have turned into hexagram 11, Peace.

Look at the chart for all the hexagrams and their opposites that shows what a hexagram transforms to if all the lines changed using a synchronistic method of consultation. Take the meaning to heart and see what happens if you act on the advice, rather than the more passive mode of asking the I Ching “what is . . .?” My idea is, why not act upon the I Ching philosophy the way one might by going to a therapist or doctor for help? You can decide what situation you want to be in rather than at a standstill and see what lines to emphasize to act or not act upon that will lead to a different situation. Be open to change. Of course, any hexagram can change into any other hexagram. Yes, the I Ching was the original computer. To give just one example: Suppose you are in a state of standstill (#12) but you would like to be experiencing some enthusiasm (#16) instead.

hex_12to16In order to get out of the Standstill and move to a situation of Enthusiasm the top two lines would need to be acted upon. Focus on the meaning of those lines and then see if you can bring about those changes to allow enthusiasm to happen. Use this same method for any of the 64 situations.

While creating the chart for the hexagrams of opposites when all lines are in movement I noticed a few things that caught my interest and something to ponder when choosing a change. Here are a few examples:
• If all the lines of hexagram 7, The Army, change, the new hexagram becomes Friendship.
• Hexagram 53, Development/Gradual Progress, speaks about the steps towards marriage. When all the lines change we get hexagram 54, The Marrying Maiden which is also about marriage but about the second wife
Approach, hexagram 19 and Retreat, hexagram 33 are opposites.
Conflict, hexagram 6, when lived out to the fullest becomes Darkness, hexagram 36.

Not all these transitions are equal in arresting my attention but some are worth noting.

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