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Painting inspired by the Chinese character for Conflict

painting for Chinese character hexagram 6

Be inspired to avoid conflict if at all possible. Even if you win there is always some kind of loss you will have to accept because of the struggle. Be inspired to let it go.

Hexagram 06_Prescription

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2 Comments on Painting and Prescription for Hexagram 6, Conflict

  1. Paul SteinNo Gravatar says:

    Greatly appreciate discovering the art of your timely work with I Ching I have not worked with in many years. Know I would “follow” you but “twitter” will not allow me to “follow” anybody.

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Hello Paul,

      Thank you for your comment and appreciation. What does it mean that Twitter won’t allow you to follow anybody> I never heard of that.

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