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My last posting was my Inspiration and Prescription for Hexagram 63, After Completion. Trish MacGregor posted the following comment which prompts me to talk about that subject again.

“Wow, one hexagram left. Hex 63 has always confused me. A part of me says, Wait, this should be the last hex. But the ancient chinese didn’t think in linear terms, obviously. Beautiful illustration, Adele.”

I had two previous postings about this subject in 2010 and will post a link here to both those pages.

A question about hexagrams 63 and 64 and Discussion about the circular chart

The question turned out to be another inspiration for me. Luis challenged me to create a circular chart.

In 2011 I received a request from Princeton University Press to use this illustration in the book is by Persi Diaconis and Ron Graham, titled Magical Mathematics: Revealing the Secrets behind Great Card Tricks of the World.

I was surprised and delighted to have the image included in their book.  So all in all that question is a good one and keeps bouncing back at me. I even have a poster of this image on sale at Zazzle. You can find it by clicking on the image.

Trish, thanks again for posting this comment.

Chart of I Ching Hexagrams in circular arrangement

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