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3 I Ching Inspiration cards

Trish McGregor asked me in a comment, “Now what, Adele? What is your next challenge? Your next HUGE project??” I am going to respond to her here.

I am so glad she asked me because I have been very busy DOING and no time for posting because I keep waiting until I am finished with something. So here goes with what I’m working on.

I interrupted my work on I Ching Meditations after I posted Hexagram 17, months ago. I didn’t go on to work on Hexagram 18 so that I could complete my paintings and resulting book for I Ching Inspirations. This is now available for print and an eBook on Amazon. Working on the eBook was more time consuming than I anticipated. It’s easy to format a book that is mostly text but since this book has an image on every page that’s not so simple. I could have gone the way of creating a fixed-layout format the way they comic books or illustrated children’s books are done, but in that way the text isn’t that readable. I prefer the print books for images because I like graphics on paper. But eBooks are cool too.

I have started working on hexagram 18 for I Ching meditations. This is my hubris opus – started in different formats over 40 years ago. It takes me a long time to meditate on the text(s) and then create an illustration and then I get side tracked with other ideas. The latest side-track is that after completing I Ching Inspirations I wanted to see it as a deck of cards like the Tarot. The content for this book lends itself nicely to cards. I JUST completed the deck and is now being printed. Unlike publishing on Amazon where I don’t have to buy my own book in order to sell it, I have to buy any deck I want to sell. They are printed in China and even the postage to get them here is costing more than anything I pay for anything on line in this country. Oh well. I will at least do a small limited edition and see what happens.

While the deck is now in production some where in China I realized the deck of I Ching Inspirations:Prescriptions cards could use some suggestions on ways to use the deck. So I am in process of writing a short book on how to use the I Ching Deck with various methods for consulting. The deck is the standard Tarot size with 78 cards. The book will be a free download in PDF and I will also publish it on Amazon as an eBook for free or minimal amount.

So stay tuned. I’ll post when the cards are available and then back to my illustrated meditation for Hexagram 18.

I don’t have anything finished for hexagram 18 so will I’ll post my Card for that one here:

Hex18 prescription card       Hexagram 18 graphic for I Ching Precription deck

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4 Comments on My Next I Ching Project

  1. Luna BelleNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Adele,

    I am trying to purchase your 78 card deck – please tell me you have some available? The ones you have on etsy are no longer available. (sad face)


  2. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    Love the idea of a deck!!

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