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Book, I Ching by John Minford

You may have noticed that I sell two I Ching fonts. I created the fonts a few years ago for my own use. I use these font in all my own publications. Last year I received a message from Penguin Random House looking to secure licensing terms to use one of the fonts in both print books and eBooks. The amount paid for such use is very gratifying compared to the single use, probably the equivalent of 80 personal sales.

At the time of this transaction I had no idea how Penguin planned to use the font so was thrilled when the designer, Nancy Resnick, sent me a copy of the book: I Ching: The Essential Translation of the Ancient Chinese Oracle and Book of Wisdom by John Minford.

I told Nancy that I would write a review of the book and kept putting that off, feeling intimidated by the task. I’m saved. Steve Marshall, author of blog Crane Calling in the Shade wrote a review worth reading on his site.  See it HERE.

I enjoy knowing that in some small and hidden way a part of my work goes out in each one of those books.

I posted a link to john Minford’s book on Amazon – see on the right.

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