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Trigram 01, Heaven, father

The Creative acts through the horse

It has been too long since I posted here and even longer since I added to my ongoing process of Creating I Ching Meditations. The Meditations project got delayed while I was working on my book I Ching Inspirations:Paintings & Prescriptions and then creating a Tarot size deck of cards for it.

When I began my new Meditations to illustrate Hexagram 18, since this is all about things that the parents did that caused problems for their children, I began thinking more about these figures — the trigrams that are also symbols for members of the family, father, mother, oldest son etc. While I have already created 2 sets of images for the trigrams, I decided to illustrate those figures also as human since that is the way they are referred to in the text. And it is we humans who read the I Ching.

So before I get to my illustrated interpretation for hexagram 18 I will post the illustrations for each trigram as a family figure beginning with the symbol for The Creative Heaven as father.

In the chart below note that for the trigram, The Creative Heaven, has 2 animals associated with it; the dragon and the horse. And the trigram The Receptive Earth has 2 animals are listed as well, the horse and the cow.

Chart of attributes for the various trigrams.
In the Wilhelm translation he discusses how the trigram figures act through their Symbolic animals as follows:

The Creative Heaven acts in the horse
The Receptive Earth acts in the cow
The Arousing Thunder acts in the dragon
The Gentle Wind & Wood acts in the cock
The Abysmal Water acts in the pig
The Clinging Fire acts in the pheasant
The Keeping Still Mountain acts in the dog
The Joyous Lake acts in the sheep

When I think about it, of course it makes sense that The Creative would act through the horse which is the symbol for The Receptive. The Receptive brings creativity to birth.

The painting for the trigram that was inspired by the Chinese character is here.
And the original trigram paintings listed in the Trigrams here.

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  2. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    LOVE this illustration for The Creative! Nicely done!!

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