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Trigram, Receptive Earth

For Easter Sunday and Passover I’m posting my illustration for the I Ching trigram family, The Receptive Earth.  In the I Ching family she is the mother. This trigram has two animals associated with it, the horse and the cow. Like the trigram for The Creative Heaven which is usually associated with the dragon, it acts through the horse. The Receptive is associated with the horse and acts through the cow.

Trigram, Receptive Earth

The image above is my original illustration for the trigram of The Receptive which uses the horse symbol.

I’ve made another big change for illustrating the female characters. I have decided that the feminine, Earth and her daughters should be black, or at least dark. All though out the I Ching the feminine energy is referred to as the dark.

Another push towards creating a dark skinned feminine receptive Earth Mother is that she is the primal feminine. So is our mythology about Eve as the first woman. Science has found that:

In the field of human genetics, the name Mitochondrial Eve refers to the matrilineal most recent common ancestor, in a direct, unbroken, maternal line, of all currently living humans, who is estimated to have lived approximately 100,000–200,000 years ago. This is the most recent woman from whom all living humans today descend, in an unbroken line, on their mother’s side, and through the mothers of those mothers, and so on, back until all lines converge on one person.
Read more on Wikipedia HERE:

 The painting for the trigram that was inspired by the Chinese character is HERE.

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