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Image hexagram 25, line 3

Six in the Third Place

If something that belongs to you is stolen
do not allow yourself to be thrown off balance.
Maintain a state of innocence to keep your own integrity.

Six in the third place changes to hexagram 13.

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6 Comments on Hexagram 25 • Line 3

  1. IanNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Adele.

    I love to receive your artwork and thank you for replying to my pedantic comment!. The Yi though does have an objective authority – more akin to the DNA code than reading tea leaves.

    The genome -say for eyes- is the hexagram.Individual lines are the ‘cordons’ lets say for eye colour (color).This is objective. Blue is blue and brown is brown.Either coloured eyes – see – and thats what they’re there for.

    The overall code for #25 is innocent,no blame.
    The cow just wanders off

    (cow: innocent/natural/sacred)
    (in Western mythology the cow relates with rune ‘F’ -feoh- fast means of exchange -cash- Thats $ bills/£ notes burning a hole in your pocket!)

    Best to heed Li #30 – fire brightness beauty – seeing –
    Care of the cow brings good fortune.
    keep an eye on it and dont let it wander off.
    Or some wanderer (Lu) may come along and take off with it ) :

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Are you aa scientist studying the genetic code? I once met such a person and introduced her to the I Ching. My friend Katya walter has a book out about I Ching and the genetic code. You are probably familiar with it.

      I don’t understand all that you are saying here. A conversation in person would be so much better. You appear to have strong views on what is appropriate or not for this great I Ching. I enjoy talking to other I Ching geeks even when we all talk a different language about it. I don’t mean like whether English, French, German, etc. but you get what I mean. Have you written something about the I Ching for us to see? Happy “Changes.”

      • IanNo Gravatar says:

        I Ching geek ! . I will take that as a compliment . or try to !

        Ummm Well Umm ! i think the ching can bite you like a bug
        and works the same as chess ( 64 squares Li and Tui as the knights etc etc ) so a chess master has got to be pretty obsessed with chess , not necessarily a geek though . Same with these guys who seek to unravel the ‘human genome’ the 4 bases/4 ways the line can be or whatever it is .

        Personally my fascination is how it works !!!!!! and somehow its got something to do with the quantum physics ‘double slit experiment’ # out Dr Quantum on you tube and yeah this is my geek side !. Here subjectivity and objectivity merge . And this is what it’s all about .

        i would love to wrte something for you , as i am a great egotist !
        my computers not up to much at the moment though and that’s why the grammar is shoddy and misses out letters !

        • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

          Ian – I will send you a message via email. Meanwhile, you mentioned the I Ching and chess. Did you see my hexagram 7 – The Army. I have illustrated that with the chess board. Chess is a game of the army with its 64 squares, etc.

          As for calling you an I Ching geek – not intended in any way as anything but what we I Ching devotees are at times. I have devoted a huge part of my life to being this kind of geek. We could do a lot worse.

  2. IanNo Gravatar says:

    Being robbed is not what this line means .

    Lets say you dropped a $10 bill on the sidewalk and later someone comes by and finds it . Lucky ! , for them !.

    Same apples to £10 note lost/found on the pavement in England .

    There’s an innocent quality to it . Not the same as consciously ripping anyone off , or stealing from them .

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Well as you know the I Ching is always a subjective experience. And the difference between something being taken and stolen is arbitrary. Maybe I should change the word from stolen to taken. Thanks for your input.

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