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Image hexagram 30, line 3

Nine in the Third Place

In your time of the setting sun don’t pine over what has past.
It does not help to feel sorry about growing old
or when things don’t go the way you had wished.
Everything is temporary and transitory.
Enjoy life while you can. Live in the moment.

Nine in the third place changes to hexagram 21.

Hexagram 21, Paintings and Prescriptions

6 Comments on Hexagram 30 • Line 3

  1. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    Wow! This image is both stunnning – and scary!A Dorian Grey!

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      But in Dorian Grey he stays young while the painting grows old. In my image I was trying to make the figure in and out of the mirror seeing herself as growing old and not liking it. Growing old is difficult, so as the I Ching says – enjoy the NOW!

      • ianNo Gravatar says:

        There is only the now . It\’s what we do with it that counts . Dorian Grey is somewhat like Botox , face lifts , creams etc. that are all to do with masking . One day , the mask will fall off , and the horror revealed underneath . The best way is to follow the inverse of #28 , that\’s Nourishment , Yi . And thats to nourish the inside . Food wise the best advice I\’ve found is from Anthony Williams , the \’ medical medium \’. Looking around like a hungry tiger , and biting through fresh organic fruit , vegetables and leafy greens . Maybe a nice bit of steak now and again ( if one is a tiger ) Ten years off biological age in no time ! .

  2. ianNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah but . Guys kind of like mature . As in line 2 # 28 . Older man , young wife .

    ( :

  3. ianNo Gravatar says:

    In this elegant and beautiful artwork ,
    the concept behind the line is instantly recognisable .
    And most definitely , from a woman\’s perspective .
    All women , not only western women .

    ( :

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks you for your comment Ian. Wondering – dpn’t men also worry or fret about growing old? Maybe you are too young to think about that.

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