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Image hexagram 30, line 4

Nine in the Fourth Place

When you move too fast without out taking time to think,
like a meteor that burns quickly and dies,
the speed will cause you to fall.
Let go of what you can’t do or can’t use.

Nine in the fourth place changes to hexagram 27.

Paintings and Prescriptions, hexagram27.

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9 Comments on Hexagram 30 • Line 4

  1. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    My favorite image of all you’ve done. Just magnificent and fits the line perfectly!
    Trish´s last blog post ..Sue Grafton

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks Trish. As I sent you in an email this image also illustrated the synchro of a friend’s death, although she did not burn out too fast – just burned out.

      • ianNo Gravatar says:

        May I just say that I agree with Trish . This is a brilliantly original exposition of the meaning behind the line . How did you come up with it .
        This is original I Ching in pictures . Apologies for my little \’ poem \’ dashed off in the same spirt . My throw away life ! .

        • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

          This image was one of the easiest ones to come up with – not necessarily to create – but the line just lends itself to this image.

          • ianNo Gravatar says:

            E equals Mc sq One big bang . That\’s about it . This tends to be my nature . So it\’s always good to have the more feminine ease .

          • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

            Thanks Ian. Yes, I liked it. Perhjaps you could write your own poetry I Ching.

          • ianNo Gravatar says:

            Now . That would be a conceit Adele . In my personal view of the Yi ,it seems that in real life , actual situations are created . Kind of like a play . Everything becomes a picture , or verse , in real life . What does lets say line 3 Chi Chi actually manifest as , in real life . Life becomes an adventure kind of thing , also real . Never easy . Unless the top line of this last hexagram . Until the hangover .

    • ianNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Trish . I hope Adele doesn\’t mind , here is how the Li hexagram makes me feel . Overall . I hope you like it .

      The Eye of the Beholder ( Li )

      First glint of dawn
      Carefully we kick out the camp fire
      Sparks crisscrossing in the morning air

      Misty , not too bright
      The sun a gold coin high in the sky

      Later we go down the beach
      Castanets . Techno beat
      Never grow old . Dance

      Across the seas a distant shore
      Sacred Ganges river
      Funeral pyres lit .Burnt offerings

      Hot tears like lava flow
      And we cry like babies
      Bikram yoga is all we know

      And the volcano erupts
      And forever and ever
      We will always be consumed
      In fire


  2. ianNo Gravatar says:


    Space ship Yi Jing
    Re enters the atmosphere
    Burns up like a shooting star

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