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Image hexagram 30, line 6

Nine in the Last Place

Time for a change in behavior.
Don’t be too hard on yourself as you eliminate
the bad habits that prevent clarity.

Nine in the Last place changes to hexagram 55.

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4 Comments on Hexagram 30 • Line 6

  1. ianNo Gravatar says:

    Purple Fire

  2. ianNo Gravatar says:

    hope you like this !

  3. ianNo Gravatar says:


    The desert sun beats down hard
    Rolling dunes becoming glass

    Cast into the dark lantern and fine
    In the hand of Old Father Time

    Maybe Dionysus smashed
    Crystal goblet fused with wine

    Amethyst and Li
    Sisters in crime

    Dancing together
    Glittering shards

    And oh how if only
    they could be mine

    ( ::

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