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The Image of Thunder Within Earth


Image hexgram 24_lines

hexagram 24_image, Thunder within Earth

After splitting apart life re-emerges into a new form of being.
This is the way of nature.
The moment is like the winter solstice when the light begins to return.
Think of yourself like a tree with deep roots, resting in winter time
and then leaves budding again in the spring.
Become who you are meant to be.
Embrace a new field in a new cycle.

Image hexagram 24, line 1

Nine in the First Place

Celebrate new life with the return of spring,
the solstice, the new moon or a new year.
Return to begin again.

image I Ching hexagram 24, line 2

Six in the Second Place

While turning back one finds a kindred soul.

Image hexagram 24, Return - line 3

Six in the Third Place

Returning to your true self may be difficult.
Don’t think about going back.
Learn your lesson.
Use willpower.

I Chng, image hexagram 24, line 4

Six in the Fourth Place

Some times it is necessary to leave the group.
Go on alone to return to one’s true path.

Image for I Ching hexagram 24, Return

Six in the Fifth Place

Whether this moment is the beginning of a new cycle of time
or is a turning to a new direction,
look back and reflect.
Mistakes made in the past can be avoided in this turning point?

Image, I Ching hexagram 24, Return, line 6.

Six in the Last Place

Be aware.
If you miss the chance for a change in direction
You will regret losing a new opportunity.
All you can do then is to wait
for another cycle of time to begin again.


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8 Comments on Hexagram 24 • Return • Fu

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  2. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    I can see why it would take a while to return from hex 23!
    Trish´s last blog post ..The Witch of Wellington

  3. Pat MartinNo Gravatar says:

    The horses of King Mu were summoned to assist. They were informed, but might have misinterpreted the message along the way. Perhaps dancing in the abyss. Noble and creative they are.

    Alert as if in danger, the submerged dragon acts at the right moment. She does not know about the rut outside the season. Winds blowing the lighthouse walls until the flood comes. When fulfilled it will be time to establish temples.

    It was not she wished to avoid it, but turned her wheel with great trepidation, vengeance, pleasure. Tis not so simple, my lady. Without another word, they walked toward the standing stones of Callanish.

  4. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, what a great image! I love this hexagram!
    Trish´s last blog post ..Seriously?!

  5. IanNo Gravatar says:

    In Seven days ?

  6. IanNo Gravatar says:

    Amid the ruins , we lay the foundations .
    I’ve been waiting for this to drop in my inbox , and it has ! .
    Thank God for that !.

    Ian , UK .

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