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The image of Lake over Wind & Wood

Image Hexagram 28_lines_top

Hexagram 28_image


Crisis! Are you overburdened?
Are you in over your head by taking on more than you can do?
Or is the situation brought on by some force of nature that you have no control over?
In any case, this is the time to have courage.
Stand by what you know is true and have the strength to stand alone.
You know best. Make a plan.
When a structure dissolves this is the time for transition.
Let go of the past and move beyond it.
When you are forced to push beyond limits for a purpose that you believe in
be courageous and then accept what happens.


Image, I Ching hexagram 28, line 1

Six in the First Place

Whether by choice or accident of fate,
taking on more than one is able to do is a learning experience.
Be humble. Take care to lay the foundation to help you though this event.
Ask yourself, “what is MY foundation that guides me though
the process of standing alone in difficult times?”

Spending my life as an artist was never a choice.
My first ever lasting influence was when I discovered
the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh at age 14.
I have been “in over my head” ever since. Some time later
I fell into that vast pool of wisdom and mysteries of the I Ching.
Vincent Van Gogh and I Ching
have been a foundation of learning that able me to
gratefully accept being in over my head.

Six in the First place changes to hexagram 43.

Image hexagram 28, line 2

Nine in the Second Place

An old tree sprouts new flowers.
Yang energy bonds with the feminine.
This spurt of new vigor releases extraordinary growth
needed to make transitions.
Old ideas are influenced by new insights.

Nine in the second place changes into hexagram 31.

Image hexagram 28 line 3

Nine in the Third Place

When you are in over your head without support
the weight of the burden feels like the roof is collapsing.
What now?

Nine in the third place changes into hexagram 47.

Image hexagram 28, line 4

Nine in the Fourth Place

Brace yourself with strength of character.
Be mindful of the possibility of more unexpected problems.
Don’t push further than is necessary now.

Nine in the fourth place changes into hexagram 48.

image hexagram 28, line 5

Nine in the Fifth Place

Another unusual flowering union of feminine and masculine.
With this renewing burst of energy enjoy while it lasts.

Nine in the fifth place changes into hexagram 32.

Image hexagram 28, line 6

Six in the Last Place


When in over your head you could be swept away.
Sometimes the sacrifice is necessary.

Six in the last place changes to hexagram 44.


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