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The Image of Earth Over Heaven

Image for Hexagram 11
After moving like the dance of a tiger I realize I am
That which I have been seeking.
I am in harmony with the natural rhythms of being as
I express my highest creativity.
I am in the center of love, the flowering of my soul.
As each love blooms in the peace of its own nature in its own time
I feel completion in this fusion of the opposites.

image for line one, Hexagram 11

Nine in the First Place

I am the roots and the earth created by the decay of my past blooms.
Only time creates the illusion that soil and flower are not one.

Image for Hexaram 11, line 2

Nine in the Second Place

I walk in the middle.
I am not lured into remaining any one smaller part of my being.
I trust my soul to lead me to wholeness.
I accept imperfections recognizing all phases of life as functions of growth.

Image for Hexagram 11, line 3

Nine in the Third Place

My space exists within the context of limits.
The boundaries of my being are defined by my inner nature.
Centered in awareness I feel the thrust of growth
In the process of change and that all life is defined by death.

Image Hexagram 11, line 4

Six in the Fourth Place

Slowly . . . I approach wholeness
As the polarities within begin to unite.

image for Hexagram 11, Peace, line 5

Six in the Fifth Place

A marriage of the Creative and Receptive
Produces the flower of my psyche,
The seeds of my soul in the peace of love.

Image for Hexagram 11, line 6

Six in the Last Place

Within the laws of change Peace turns to stagnation.
I move to a higher knowing by letting go as
These seeds fall from the center to create the new.

12 Comments on Hexagram 11 – T’ai / Peace

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  4. CharleenNo Gravatar says:

    thank you so much. So much is going on. I got 11 with no changing lines. Decided to approach it from a feminne point of view and find you. Tua Neter

  5. Nana BaakanNo Gravatar says:

    Greetings Adele,
    Your work is breathtaking, amazing expression of the Creator. I have been using the I Ching for almost 30 years now. I find it to be a great tool, but you must study it. It will not give you a quick answer or a quick fix.

    I have also found that if you approach the I Ching like Sacred and Honored Elders and take your time to formulate your question you will get an answer that will be more in keeping with what you are seeking.

    I.E., like any parental figure or guardian figure, if you run asking are you going to hit the lottery, when you were just hit by a truck and your arm is broken, the I Ching will respond to the broken arm and attempt to steer you towards the true priority of the moment. So it may sound like it did not answer, but it has, just not in reference to what you asked.

    Also, please avoid yes or no answers, the I Ching will not respond to them. It is better to ask about how you should deal with something then to ask, should I go to the park? Something like, while in the park, what should be the nature of my interactions with my ex-lover, so to speak.

    Remember you are speaking to ancient Elders. They really do not wish to dally in silly things or meaningless chatter. If you ask the same question in a million different ways, you will find that the I Ching will give you the same hexagram(s). Now what is the probability of that?

    But more than anything, you must form a personal relationship with the Elders of the I Ching. You must feel their presence and you must understand how they relate to you. While they may respond in similar ways, they related to you in particular because of the many, many circumstances surrounding your life and your life alone. And you are the person processing these life experiences and trying to make some sense of it. They know where you are, and where you are to go.. so if you ask a question that seems to not answer you or seems contradictory, try approaching them differently.

    Meditate on the readings, meditate, before and after each reading. These cards are magnificent, and the human brain that deals with images, will respond to this and give even more clarity, then the words written on the page. Create your own images, as you come to understand the hexagrams too.

    Adele, great job.. Do you have a deck of cards???

    Stay in touch,
    Peace & Blessings
    Nana Baakan

    • AdeleNo Gravatar says:

      Hello Nana,

      Thanks for your long comment here. Your question, “Do you have a deck of cards?” I’m not sure what you mean – do I have my own cards based on my work here? Or others? I do have some other cards and many Tarot cards.

      I agree with you – no yes or no answers. I always tell people who want an I Ching reading but not familiar with it that how one phrases the question is key to the response.

      Peace & Blessings to you as well,

  6. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    Hello again Victoria, Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate it when I get feedback.

    About having contradicting lines, I know what you mean. In a very short response to that, I think that is what life situations are very often – contradictions within the totality of a situation.

  7. victoriaNo Gravatar says:

    Adele you’ve done it again! I think the images are so beautiful and the words insightful. I feel at a bit of a loss really as to how so many different interpretations come from the different lines & how you can have two contradicting lines – as a beginner I do feel a bit confused by the I Ching but so strongly drawn to it as well. The images are good to meditate on to feel some sort of comprehension as opposed to trying to find an immediate solution to an oft angst-ridden question. For this, I find your images very useful. Thanks again for your help, Victoria

  8. eric johnsonNo Gravatar says:

    lovely images………..beautiful

  9. JacquelineNo Gravatar says:

    Wow! I LOVE those images! Absolutely fantastic! You are simply amazing.

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