Adele Aldridge on June 1st, 2017

Six in the Fourth Place Search from your highest chakra with light in your eyes of a hungry tiger to find the right people who will help with sharing nourishment for all. Six in the fourth place changes to hexagram 21. Hexagram 21 Prescription.

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Adele Aldridge on March 22nd, 2017

Nine in the Second Place Place When held back for reasons you cannot control wait with patience and discipline storing energy for when the time is right. Nine in the 2nd place changes to hexagram 22. Painting and Prescription for hexagram 22.

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Adele Aldridge on December 22nd, 2015

Earth over Thunder Click on the image for the link to the prescription for The Turning Point.  

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Adele Aldridge on April 29th, 2015

The youngest daughter in the I Ching trigram family is the symbol of The Joyous Lake. According to Wilhelm: The Joyous, is autumn, and leads the year toward its fruition and joy. The Joyous acts in the sheep. The Joyous is the lake;  it is a sorceress; it is mouth and tongue. It means smashing […]

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