Adele Aldridge on August 26th, 2015
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Image, I Ching hexagram 19, line 3

Six in the third place

Choose the right approach.
When we make a mistake we change our direction.


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Adele Aldridge on August 20th, 2015
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Image, I Ching Hexagram 19 line 2

Nine in the second place

When you are being approached or approaching others of kindred spirit
you will feel this is a fated encounter.
Even though in the law of change things always transform
to their opposites you are doing the right thing now.

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Adele Aldridge on August 14th, 2015
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I Ching  Hexagram 19, line 1 - image

Nine in the first place

Don’t doubt your approach.
Focus your mind and heart with determination to cooperate with others.

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Adele Aldridge on August 13th, 2015
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Hexagram 19, lines

The image of Earth Over Lake

I Ching Hexagram 19, Image

After finding a remedy for what needed healing
we have a new attitude that can approach becoming great.
Be inviting, tolerant and productive.
Teach and inspire others by what you have learned during past trials.
Whether growing a garden or learning a new skill,
timing is important to achieve the goal.
Take responsibility. Our energies change and evolve like seasons in the year.
The time for Approach, like Spring, does not last. Act now!

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