Adele Aldridge on July 3rd, 2017
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The image of Lake over Wind & Wood

Image Hexagram 28_lines_top

Hexagram 28_image


Crisis! Are you overburdened?
Are you in over your head by taking on more than you can do?
Or is the situation brought on by some force of nature that you have no control over?
In any case, this is the time to have courage.
Stand by what you know is true and have the strength to stand alone.
You know best. Make a plan.
When a structure dissolves this is the time for transition.
Let go of the past and move beyond it.
When you are forced to push beyond limits for a purpose that you believe in
be courageous and then accept what happens.

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Adele Aldridge on June 19th, 2017
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Image hexagram 27, line 6

Nine in the Last Place

After absorbing nourishment from past experience
you have a new challenge.
Take responsibility by sharing your knowledge
to help others in providing nourishment.
Enjoy this celebration!

Nine in the last place changes to hexagram 24.

Painting and Prescription for hexagram 24.


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Adele Aldridge on June 9th, 2017
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Image hexagram 25, line 5

Six in the Fifth Place

Don’t try to go beyond what you can do now.
You need help in nourishing many others.
Look to a spiritual advisor or meditate for guidance.

The wisdom of the I Ching is always helpful.

Six in the fifth place changes to hexagram 42.

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Adele Aldridge on June 1st, 2017
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Image hexagram 27 line 4

Six in the Fourth Place

Search from your highest chakra
with light in your eyes of a hungry tiger
to find the right people
who will help with sharing nourishment for all.

Six in the fourth place changes to hexagram 21.

Hexagram 21 Prescription.

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