Adele Aldridge on October 12th, 2016
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The Image of Thunder Within Earth


Image hexgram 24_lines

hexagram 24_image, Thunder within Earth

After splitting apart life re-emerges into a new form of being.
This is the way of nature.
The moment is like the winter solstice when the light begins to return.
Think of yourself like a tree with deep roots, resting in winter time
and then leaves budding again in the spring.
Become who you are meant to be.
Embrace a new field in a new cycle.

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Adele Aldridge on September 6th, 2016
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Image - I Ching hexagram 23, Splitting part

Nine in the last place

The final stage of splitting apart brings new life.

Line 6 changes to The Receptive

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Adele Aldridge on August 26th, 2016
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Image hexagram 23, Splitting Apart, line 5

Six the fifth place

Receive help from feminine energy.
A big change is happening.
This is the end of a cycle.
The approaching new time can be life changing.

Line 5 changes to Youthful Folly

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Adele Aldridge on August 22nd, 2016
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Image, I Ching hexagram 23, line 4

Six the fourth place

The Bed is destroyed.
Have courage. Let it go.

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