Adele Aldridge on January 11th, 2017
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I Ching hexagram 25 - image line 1

Nine in the First Place


Follow your feelings with the integrity of an open heart.

Nine in the first place changes to hexagram 12

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Adele Aldridge on December 26th, 2016
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The Image of Heaven over Thunder


image Hexagram 25_lines

Image Hexagram 25, heaven over thunder

Innocence lives in the moment.
Trust the process without a prescribed agenda.
Align with the synchronicity path of nature.
Thunder acts with spontaneous confidence,
followed by the Creative energy
that keeps events in controlled order of development.

Acting in the mindset of innocence develops intuition.

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Adele Aldridge on December 22nd, 2015
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Image I Ching hexagram 24, The turning point

Earth over Thunder

Painting inspired by Chinese character for hexagram 24.

Click on the image for the link to the prescription for The Turning Point.


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Adele Aldridge on April 29th, 2015
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Illustration for Trigram ,The Joyous Lake

The youngest daughter in the I Ching trigram family is the symbol of The Joyous Lake.

According to Wilhelm:

The Joyous, is autumn, and leads the year toward its fruition and joy. The Joyous acts in the sheep. The Joyous is the lake;  it is a sorceress; it is mouth and tongue. It means smashing and breaking apart; it means dropping off and bursting open. Among the kinds of soil it is the hard and salty. It is the concubine.

Trigram LakePainting inspired b y the Chinese character for the trigram, The Joyous Lake

Joyous Lake
My original image for the trigram, The Joyous Lake

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