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Hexagram 04 character painting

Painting inspired by the Chinese Character for
Hexagram 4, Youthful Folly

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6 Comments on I Ching, Hexagram 4, Chinese Character Painting

  1. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    I guess a trickster because sometimes it’s reminding you to be young and foolish and other times it’s telling you that you ARE young and foolish. And occasionally, it seems to goof on you: What? Why’re you asking me that question again? Like that.

  2. Brenda W. ScottNo Gravatar says:

    This is really cool! When you look at it intently, it seems like it’s moving.. Good work of art! Great job!
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    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks Brenda. I’m making a painting for the characters for each hexagram so stay tuned. They will be finished before my “Meditation” illustrations which take so long.

  3. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    Beautiful painting for a hexagram I often think of as a trickster.

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for the comment, Trish.
      That’s interesting that you think of #4, The Young Fool (Youthful Folly) as a trickster. Were you thinking of The Magician in the Tarot or maybe the Fool? I hadn’t thought of #4 in that way before because it feels for me like the kind of learning one has to do when one is young and sometimes, if we are lucky, we can have that experience of new learning again when we are old and older. New learning, I guess sums it up for me. But I like your slant on the trickster. I have to think about that some more the next time I get hexaram 4.

  4. Nicole SchumanNo Gravatar says:

    Nice painting! Every color compliments each other. Kudos!
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