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Enthusiasm always meets with resistance
Which becomes the material that shapes my way.
Stretched to my limits, tired and tense,
I am propelled on in the origin of the movement of enthusiasm.

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9 Comments on I ching, Hexagram 16, Enthusiasm, Line 5

  1. trishNo Gravatar says:

    Not sure why. The next time I toss 16, I’ll let u know what I asked!
    trish´s last blog post ..The VP Debate

  2. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    I love this painting, too. This hexagram has never been one of my favorites, but it usually portends a lesson of some sort!

  3. Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

    About thunder and lightning – Thunder and Lightning are really one event. It’s just that we hear the thunder after the lightning. Light moves at a faster speed than sound.
    Adele Aldridge´s last blog post ..I ching, Hexagram 16, Enthusiasm, Line 5

    • okeiNo Gravatar says:

      Of course! I’m a scientifically minded student, so I should know that, and really I do, honest!, just the imagination sees concepts in different ways and didn’t clock on to that.

      • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

        Thanks Trish. Uuum, wondering why you don’t like getting the hexagram for Enthusiasm. I know they all have things contained within the whole that we would rather not deal with but all and all when I receive Enthusiasm, I’m glad to have movement. But of course it always depends on the circumstances and what line is changing to what.

  4. okeiNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve edited my line 5, inspired by your picture. 🙂

  5. okeiNo Gravatar says:

    I really love this painting. It should be thunder, but how to draw thunder? Hands over the ears I saw elsewhere, cool! Not so keen on the words in the last two lines… I just wrote a version of my own here, for just this hexagram.

    But this painting shows a different aspect, of breaking out of our shell, though painful is necessary for growth! It won’t kill us. So long as our motives are greater, dare to do it! Love it!

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