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Hexagram 47, chaines character painting

Uranus is in Aries. My ascendent is Aries so perhaps that is why I am suddenly in process of moving from Princeton back to Connecticut. Moving is hell torture. I don’t know when I will be able get back to my I Ching work on Hexagram 17, Following.  So I thought I would write something about my present moving process.

In my book, I Ching Prescriptions, I write about the process of moving through all the lines of a hexagram. If you throw a hexagram that has all lines changing lines, it is often interesting to see what the hexagram changes to. For instance, when Hexagram 7, The Army, has all changing lines the hexagram turns into #13, Friendship in the Open. Both hexagrams are about a bonded group of people with a very different purpose. The message here for me is that when all the lines contained in The Army are experienced the situation turns into friendship and that any friendship can revert to The Army.

When all lines change in hexagram 19, Approach it turns into Hexagram, 33, Retreat. There are quite a few hexagram changes that are like this that I find just one more fascinating aspect to wonders of the I Ching. A few other examples: If all the steps of hexagram 6, Conflict are active the situation turns to hexagram 36, Darkening of the Light. And when all the lines of hexagram 53, Development, change it turns into hexagram 54, The Marrying Maiden. Hexagram 53 is about the steps one takes towards a marriage and The Marrying Maiden is about being the second wife. In ancient China wasn’t it presumed that a husband at some point takes a second wife?

Back to my own present situation. I am living in a continual state of exhaustion because of all that has to be done to make the move. So I decided to look at what I wrote in my own Prescriptions and look at hexagram 47, Exhaustion – probably my least favorite situation to experience. I’m cheered to see that if all the lines of Hexagram 47 are in movement the hexagram changes to hexagram 22, Grace. This hexagram talks about art and beauty. I know there are references to superficiality but as an artist, I love getting that hexagram. I would love to move past exhaustion into a state of Grace.

Hexagraqm 22, Grace character painting

So . . . I decided to take my own prescription. Take a good look at what I wrote for Exhaustion as I move through it in order to come out the other end to Grace.



Image for Hexagram 22

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