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Happy New Year


year of the goat /sheep

According to Wikipedia:

Goat or sheep

The Chinese word yáng refers both to goats and sheep, with shānyáng specifically goats and miányáng sheep. In English, the sign (originally based on a horned animal) may be called either. The interpretation of sheep or goat depends on culture. In Vietnamese, the sign is mùi, which is unambiguously goat. In Japan, on the other hand, the sign is hitsuji, sheep; while in Korea and Mongolia the sign is also sheep or ram. Within China, there may be a regional distinction with the zodiacal yáng more likely to be thought of as a goat in the south, while tending to be thought of as a sheep in the north.

In the I Ching the trigram, Tui, The Joyous Lake, represents the youngest daughter. Her animal is the sheep.

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  1. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    Are the American people sheep????

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