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The Gentle Wind&Wood trigram illustration of the eldest daugher.

The eldest daughter I Ching trigram family is the symbol of The Gentle Wind & Wood.

According to Wilhelm:

The Gentle, the penetrating, is symbolized by the cock, time’s watchman, whose voice pierces the stillness—pervasive as the wind, the image of the Gentle. … The Gentle is wood, wind, the eldest daughter, the guideline work; it is the white, the long, the high; it is advance and retreat, the undecided, odor.

trigram Wind&Wood

Painting inspired by the trigram The Gentle Wind & Wood.

Gentle wind wood

My original image to depict the trigram The Gentle Wind & Wood.

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2 Comments on Trigram Illustration: The Gentle Wind & Wood

  1. Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Trish. I have decided to give the I Ching family some human figures. Why didn’t I do this years ago? The more I work on this the more I find to do without completing the whole thing. Such is the book of “changes.”

  2. TrishNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, Adele, you have captured something essential here.

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