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Ch’ien – The Creative Heaven

Attribute: Creativity & Strength
Animal: Dragon & Horse
Body: Head
Family: Father
Color: Indigo
Direction: Northwest

Arousing Thunder

Kên – The Arousing Thunder

Kên – The Arousing
Attribute: Action
Animal: Dragon
Body: Feet
Family: Eldest Son
Color: Green
Direction: East

The Abysmal water

K’an – The Abysmal Water

Attribute: Danger
Animal: Pig
Body: Ear
Family: Second Son
Color: Black
Direction: North

Keeping Still Mountain

Kên – The Keeping Still Mountain

Attribute: Stillness
Animal: Dog
Body: Hand
Family: Youngest Son
Color: Purple
Direction: Northeast

Receptive Earth

K’u n – The Receptive Earth

Attribute: Receptivity
A nimal: Mare & Cow
Body: Belly
Family: Mother
Color: Yellow
Direction: Southwest

Gentle wind wood

Sun – The Gentle

Wind & Wood
Attribute: Penetration
Animal: Fowl
Body: Thigh
Family: Eldest Daughter
Color: Scarlet
Direction: Southeast

The Clinging fire

Li – The Clinging Fire

Attribute: Brightness
Animal: Pheasant
Body: Eye
Family: Second Daughter
Color: Crimson
Direction: South

Joyous Lake

Tui – The Joyous Lake

Attribute: Joy, Pleasure
Animal: Sheep
Body: Mouth
Family: Youngest Daughter
Color: White
Direction: West

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8 Comments on I Ching Trigrams

  1. siggNo Gravatar says:

    Kên is the same trigram as Chen right?

  2. A spokesman foг Yoko Ono noted, “It’s such a confusing myriad of issues that even people who have been close to the principals have a difficult time grasping it. The Chinese invented black powder, and rockets propelled by this combination were used for a millennium. Maybe its the time Nike will name a signature shoe for him.

  3. Teresa LaceNo Gravatar says:

    Yes , the Joyous .
    Yes , the Clinging Fire .
    Yes , the Gentle .

    Yes , the arounsing Thunder .
    TO KEEP LIGHT and ORDER again .

    Yes , the Receptive Earth .
    Yes , the Creative Heaven .


  4. margieNo Gravatar says:

    Like your site. I have been practicing the creative I ching taught by John Cook of West Palm, Fl. daily for several years. It is great to see there are other positive creative souls out there.

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