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The Image of Thunder Resounding Out of Earth

After experiencing a modest possession of my Self
My energy is lived in movement
With a release from tension
Like an electric storm in Spring.
This thunder is the music of reawakening life.
I am in awe for all creation.
I sing and celebrate the past sounds from the sea,
The future dance of the cosmos
Whirling in rhythmic regularity.
I seek my natural place where there is least resistance,
Arousing enthusiasm in others
By playing my song in their way.

Six in the First Place

When I first feel enthusiasm
I wait, holding back expression.

Six in the Second Place

When I can listen to sounds of the past
That point to the seeds of the future
I gain knowledge without illusion.

Six in the Third Place

Now is the time! I do not hesitate.
Enthusiasm grows in the twists of fate.

Nine in the Fourth Place

The secret of enthusiasm in gathering others
Comes from clarity and freedom from doubt
About myself and them.

Six in the Fifth Place

Enthusiasm always meets with resistance
Which becomes the material that shapes my way.
Stretched to  limits, tired and tense,
I am propelled on in the origin
 of the movement of enthusiasm.


Six in the Last Place

I let go of enthusiasm,
Lifting my thoughts 
from the shell of the past.

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