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hexagram 17 lines and character

The Image of Lake over Thunder

image for hexagram 17

My “Following” is about the I Ching itself.

The hexagram of Following is derived from the trigrams The Joyous lake,
the youngest daughter who is being led by the eldest son, The Arousing Thunder.

When creating I Ching Meditations the eldest son represents the ancient I Ching
as it has been handed down through many centuries in many interpretations.
When I meditate on these ancient texts
I am the youngest daughter following and learning about this philosophy
from all those who came before me who were men.
I do this work with energy and joy.

Whether following the I Ching, practicing yoga, or learning any discipline
I follow the path of those who came before me.
While doing this work, I can’t help adding my own point of view
from a woman’s perspective. I can then show others my experience.

It will take me a long time to complete this task.
There are moments when I resist the effort and then
rest in between the completion of each hexagram.

Hexagram 17 line 1

Nine in the First Place

This is a time for new learning.
I am open to what I don’t know or thought I knew.
I may acquire a new perspective on my life
or develop new skills.
I learn from all the others who came before me.


Image and text for hexagram 17, line2

Six in the Second Place

While doing this work I learned that
not everyone agrees with my approach to the I Ching.
Some did not understand why I was devoting myself
to what they thought was a sexist book.
It was their lack of understanding of the power
and depth of the I Ching that prompted me to proceed.
I let go of their undeveloped view
and chose to follow this ancient wisdom.


Image for I Ching hexagram 17, following - line 3

Six in the Third Place

The I Ching cautions that its wisdom
or way of speaking in symbols is not for everyone.
While studying the various interpretations of others,
I endeavor to contribute my own perspective.
The I Ching always evokes a subjective response.
There are those who may not agree or be able to see the value
of what I see here but there are many who do.


Image for hexagram 17, line 4

Nine in the Fourth Place

Sometimes my search into the meanings and mysteries
of the I Ching takes me to sources that do not speak to me.
I have to be diligent in my meditation for finding my truth.


Image hexagram 17, line 5

Nine in the Firth Place

The I Ching has become my lodestar.
When I am confused or uncertain about my direction
I discover the solution in the I Ching.


Hexagram 17 line 6

Six in the Last Place

Hopefully, after I complete my I Ching Meditations,
I will attract others who will gain from what I have learned.

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  1. Sol DanmeriNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, there is a sense of honoring ones ancestors or lineage and yet at the same time to celebrate the here now the birth of what is to come into the future. I like this playful marriage of The Joyous lake and The Arousing Thunder.
    Sol Danmeri´s last blog post ..Benefits Of Guided Meditation

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