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The Image of Wind & Wood over Earth

Lines for hexagram 20


image for hexagram 20, The tower/viewing

Be like a tower with a wide and long view
where you can see and be seen from a distance.
Remain centered while viewing the broader picture.
You will become wise and learn the mysteries of life.
Become an example for others to emulate like a tower of an ideal.
By contemplating the laws of the universe you will influence others
without their being aware of your power.
Contemplation while penetrating the meaning of the situation is a sacred time.

Image - I Ching hexagram 20, viewing, line 1

Six in the first place

When you are young or immature
you may begin to observe and contemplate.
You are not yet able understand the larger broader view of life.

Image for I Ching hexagram 20, line 2

Six in the Second Place

The ancient Chinese said for this line,
“Watching through the crack of a door …”
advising that it was acceptable for a woman
to have a narrow view of the world
and not acceptable for a man.
Keeping a woman inside the house
before marriage was a way to guard her chastity.
How does this work in today’s world? In the free world?
Could having a narrow view of what is outside have value?
Contemplating: Maybe … depending on the situation?

We tend to view everything from our own limited perspective.
Work on having a larger understanding of your experience.

I Ching hexagram 20, conte,plation, line 3

Six in the third place

When it is a time to make a decision for taking a new direction
contemplate and view the larger landscape of your life.
What were your circumstances at birth?
Where have you been? Where are you now?
Think about the effect you have on others.
This is a time of contemplation to view the past
before taking the next step forward.

Image I Ching hexagram 20, line 4

Six in the fourth place

Find what inspires you.
Act like an honored guest in the situation.
Align with and serve your inspiration.
This can be an invitation, an opportunity to learn.
You will enjoy a special place when you have earned it.

Image I Ching hexagram 20, line 5

Nine in the Fifth Place

Take time to look back at past experiences.
Contemplate what kind of effect you have had on others.
When this has been good you will feel satisfied
with how you have lived your life.

Image for I Ching hexagram 20, contemplation, line 6

Nine in the last place

Look back at your life’s path again.
View with your heart.
Contemplate the effect your actions have had on your own life
and how that influenced others.
All those you were associated with also had an affect on you.
Think about that.


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