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hexagram 15 lines

The Image of Earth Over Mountain

Image, hexagram 15
After experiencing the treasure of the Self
I see a destiny to my life’s events.
I do not seek the heights and risk of the new
but bow to what I know.
What had been a struggle becomes easy.
I am simultaneously aware
of the insignificance of my own existence
and that there is no molecule
in this universe not equal to the whole.
I am lifted up by bowing down in modesty.

Six in the First Place

As I begin a task I remain humble
Bending to my ground of experience.

Six in the Second Place

I find no problem when I act from my heart.

Nine in the Third Place

I remain humble, expecting no praise
Until my work is  complete.

Six in the Fourth Place

The work grows.
I enjoy this process of taking responsibility
As I become more accomplished.

Six in the Fifth Place

I am forced to take a stand.
Modesty is not passivity
But assurance of the way
To reach one’s goal with integrity.

Six in the Last Place

My task is not complete.
With  strength in modesty
I begin again.

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