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The Image of Heaven and More Heaven

Living The Creative
I see the unfolding in the experience of time.
I am aware of the order in the universe,
Knowing that creation is change, Transformation and continual movement.
I bring my potential into being.
I am successful and know that what I am doing
Comes from beyond myself through my Self.

A doubled Heaven is strength and power and duration.
I know that after each creation anew one will follow.

Hexagram One, line one

Nine in the First Place

I am like a hidden dragon and cannot act.
My creative force is still within.
I am not yet recognized.
I remain true to myself uninfluenced
By failure or success
While I wait for my own ripe time.

Nine in the first place changes to hexagram 44.

Painting and Prescriptions, hexagram 44.

Hexagram One, line Two

Nine in the Second Place

I am like the light, like a dragon in my chosen field.
I am reliable, influencing my environment without conscious effort.

Nine in the second place changes to hexagram 13

Hexagram one, line three

Nine in the Third Place

Creatively active all day, at night I am restless.
Others sleep while I am anxious.
In transition from lowliness to heights of recognition
I must be aware of the demands and Pitfalls of the dawning time.

Nine in the third place changes to hexagram 10.

Hexagram one, nine in the 4th place

Nine in the Fourth Place

Wavering flight . . .
I have reached a transition where free choice is possible.
I can be important in the world
Or stay my private self.
I listen to my soul and do what is right for me.

Nine in the fourth places changes to hexagram 9.

Hexagram one, nine in the 5th place
Nine in the Fifth Place

I am like a Heavenly Dragon
. . . f l y i n g . . .
My creations are seen in the world with blessings to all.

Nine in the fifth place changes to hexagram 14.

Hexagram one, line six

Nine in the Last Place

A warning!
I must not be arrogant in my climb.
If I try to fly beyond my power I will fall and become isolated.

Nine the the last place changes to hexagram 43.

Painting and Prescriptions, hexagram 43.

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11 Comments on Hexagram 01 – Ch’ien / The Creative

  1. John J. VollmarNo Gravatar says:

    Found out more. There are 64 cards, maybe from a KIT that was sold some years ago……..


  2. Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t know what cards you are referring to. Can you give more information?

  3. Does ANYONE know the origin of these 64 cards/symbols???

    I found this deck at a thrift store and have been facinated
    by what they say.

    Are these Korean, Chinese or what?

    Are they based on a book? philosophy? PLEASE!!


  4. Juan CarlosNo Gravatar says:

    Very beautiful pictures, Thanks to share with the world

  5. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    Anita – thanks for the nice comment. I also enjoy your art very much. And I appreciate people who comment!

    I have a lot more to go with this HUGE project.

  6. SlilohNo Gravatar says:

    I love your artwork in all of these Adele! They are excellent! 😉


    Sliloh’s last blog post..Busy, busy, busy

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